Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy

Medical herbalists and registered naturopaths are highly trained medical professionals able to deal with health problems from the cradle to the third age. They adhere to a holistic system of  health care that encourages the body’s inherent vitality and ability to heal itself.

In the UK, medical herbalists and registered naturopaths are trained in orthodox medical science and diagnosis as well as in holistic health care, using plant based medicines, and a range of therapeutic disciplines.

During the first appointment your current health complaint is examined, a detailed medical history is taken, and any appropriate diagnostic examinations are performed. It is helpful if you bring any information relating to your condition.

A tailor-made healthcare plan is drawn up, and may include herbal medicines, nutritional advice and diet and lifestyle guidance. Follow-up consultations check on progress and make any necessary adjustments to the healthcare plan.

Kirsten Hartvig ND 

Kirsten is a registered naturopath, medical herbalist, and the author of 14 books on natural health. One-to-one consultations focus on finding the source of imbalance, and creating individual treatment plans consisting of naturopathic diet regimes, medicinal herbs, physical therapy, and gentle lifestyle guidance.

Kirsten was born in Denmark, but came to the UK in 1986 and spent the next 6 years studying herbal medicine and naturopathy at the School of Herbal Medicine and the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. After qualifying, she went into private practice, and taught nutrition and dietetics at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone For a number of years she ran a naturopathic health retreat in the French Pyrenees with her husband, Dr Nic Rowley.

Please visit kirstenhartvig.com

You can book personal, Skype or phone consultations here with Kirsten or via the reception at the Riverside Practice.



Practitioner:  Kirsten Hartvig  ND